Corporate History

December, 1978
Foundation in Sumida-ku, Tokyo
December, 1981
A technical development project financially supported by a government agency (VEC)
June, 1988
Award from VEC for successful achievement in the development project granted in 1981
April, 1989
US manufacturing operation started in partnership with Wilbrecht Electronics, Inc. in South Dakota, U.S.A.
October, 1989
Final stage of the Akita Factory completed with the construction of our third building; second building completed in July, 1988
November, 1990
Award from the government Office of Labor Administration for shortening labor hours
October, 1995
Qualified as space level components supplier by NASA (U.S.)
December, 1995
Award from the Governor of Akita for successful development of the new standard resistor
April, 1996
Award from the National Patent Office for effective utilization of patents
August, 1996
Metrology laboratory constructed adjacent to the Akita Factory
September, 1996
A joint R&D project with Akita Institute of Advanced Technology started with subsidy from the Japanese Government
February, 1997
Quality system at Akita Factory approved and registered as ISO-9001
November, 1997
Specially developed resistors delivered to the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (Japan)
November, 2000
Founded US sales company in Minnesota, U.S.A.
August, 2001
Completion of construction for New Akita Factory
April, 2003
Head office moved at 1-9-13 Uchikanda Chiyodaku Tokyo
November, 2005
M&A by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
November, 2006
Head office moved at 1-2-18 Ikenohata Taitoku
April, 2010
Head office moved at 1-2-10 Uchikanda Chiyodaku Tokyo due to spin off of Vishay Precision Group from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.